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Home Name Brand Multitools at GREAT Prices! has the name brand multitools you're looking for!  Whether it's Leatherman, Gerber, Buck, SOG, or even Wenger-Swiss Army we have the multitool for you!  We stock the most popular brands with the combinations of tools best suited for Hunters, Sportsman, Tradesmen, and for general purpose use. Also check out our growing collection of multi-use axes, hatchets, folding saws and tomahawks. To share our product information with your friends please visit us on our Facebook page at, and be sure to Like us too.  

Winter Savings!
With winter weather upon us, and violent storms still possible, being prepared is essential. In fact, preparation has become the "new normal" for virtually everything. When planning your emergency preparedness kits don't forget to add a multitool. They make great gifts and are useful additions to every travel or outdoor kit, regardless of the time of year. Gerber, Leatherman, and SOG multitool knives are excellent choices. They offer small, lightweight, and convenient substitutes for a tool pouch when space is an issue, and are the ideal choice to include everywhere you go. For hunting and camping trips, check out the newest additions of hunting gear, axes, tomahawks, and lightweight portable saws in our inventory. These are also important items to add to your emergency preparedness kits, and this year we definitely need them! For personal care, Wenger Swiss Army knives make great additions to your home or travel first-aid kits since they contain tweezers, a penknife blade, and scissors. Wenger has been purchased by Victorinox, so all Wenger products are on closeout. Due to changes at Leatherman, we no longer will be able to restock our inventory of Leatherman multitools, so all of them are sold on a closeout basis. We also carry Buck and Boker multitools and knives, so browse our complete selection today to find those items that best fit your family or personal needs. Don’t let Mother Nature catch you unprepared!

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We carry multitools to fit every price range and every need:

  • Lightweight, compact, and portable
  • Small enough to fit in pocket, tool box or glove compartment
  • A variety of tool offerings to meet your individual needs
  • Priced from $15.00, with FREE USPS SHIPPING on orders over $60.00!

When you look for a new multitool product you want one that is quality-built and ready to use right out of the package. If you have experience using multitools you may already know which brand you want. If not, enjoy looking through our huge selection for the latest in multitool technology. And yes, we carry the newest, cutting-edge versions offered for sportsmen, tradesmen, and general purpose use.  We even offer some camouflage models for hunters!

Take a look around and have some fun. Shopping for your perfect multitool should be an enjoyable experience and we aim to make it that way.

Our quality products are matched only by our customer service! Feel free to email us or call our customer support number.

No matter what you need a multitool for we know that you can find one here with the features that you want. So next time you go fishing, camping or hunting, make sure you grab your Leatherman Surge, Gerber Multitool, SOG Paratool—it will make your trip a whole lot easier!

We carry several different brands of knives to allow you to get one that works for what you are going to use it for. With the Leatherman Skeletool, you can get all the basic features of a pocket knife, with a few added bonuses. If you are looking for a knife that is as fully loaded as they come, then you will love the Leatherman Super Tool 300.  Either of these knifes are built to last!

If you like the SOG knives, then you are in luck. Here you can find SOG knives, including the SOG Multi-Tool Powerlock EOD and SOG Powerassist Multi Tool. The SOG Knives Powerlock Multi-Tool will provide you with everything you need, including extra leverage that makes using the features on this knife easier.  With the SOG Powerassist Multitool, you can easily open the blade with only one hand.  With these simple features added into the SOG knives, it really does make them a must have knife!

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