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Wenger Swiss Army Wenger Swiss Army Multitools


Wenger Swiss Army Knife Features

Wenger makes a full line of pocket-sized Swiss Army Knife type multi-tools. Compared to the heavier-duty multi-tools other companies make, Swiss Army knives tend to have smaller knife blades and minature tools. They are designed to be multi-purpose everyday carry items which can function in a variety of situations. From nail clippers to scissors and corkscrews to screwdrivers, many numbers and combinations of tools are available. They are ideal for women to carry in their purses. Most, like the Clipper, Esquire, EvoGrip, and Evolution models are even available as keychain models and come in pastel colors as well as the standard red, black, or stainless versions.  The Patriot series more closely resembles a regular pocket knife.

Wenger also makes the larger Ranger and RangerGrip versions of their quality line of multitools.  These are similar in size and more closely resemble the Buck X-Tract multitools than the smaller-sized pocket tools Wenger is famous for.

The largest Swiss Army Knife that Wenger makes is their Pocket Tool Chest . It is also the bulkiest, and is designed to hang from a belt loop. This multi-tool contains an incredible array of tools, starting with a large knife blade, locking flat and phillips tip screwdrivers, and adjustable pliers with a built-in crimper and cutter. A universal wrench, metal file and saw, corkscrew, compass, fish scaler, hook disgorger, line guide and a mineral crystal magnifier are also included, along with a can/bottle opener, reamer, awl with sewing eye, toothpick and tweezers. Lesser combinations of tools are available on other Wenger models. Whatever your personal preferences are, Wenger makes a multi-tool to fit your needs. Check out their entire line today!

Update!  Wenger has been acquired by Victorinox, and all Wenger multitools have either been retired or re-branded as Victorinox.  All existing Wenger models are closeouts and cannot be restocked. They are becoming collectible as they disappear from the internet.  We will be adding Victorinox multitools to our website shortly.  Please watch for our latest additions!

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