Victorinox Swiss Army Victorinox Swiss Army Multitool Knives
History of the famous Swiss Army Knife

Victorinox is also a maker of the famed Swiss Army Knives.  In fact, in 1891 it was the original company to manufacture the knives for the Swiss army. Wenger came along a year later, and also made knives for the Swiss army. Their knives were marketed as genuine Swiss Army, while Victorinox branded theirs as original Swiss Army.  Now that the Elsener family owns both companies, the Wenger brand has been absorbed into the Victorinox product line, with some versions being discontinued and others rebranded as Victorinox.  Our inventory still contains many Wenger knives, but all are on closeout status. Check out both amazing vesions to find the model that works best for you.
Victorinox Angler MultitoolVictorinox Angler Multitool
Victorinox Classic SD Swiss Army MultitoolsVictorinox Classic SD Swiss Army Multitools
Victorinox Electrician Silver MultitoolVictorinox Electrician Silver Multitool
Victorinox Farmer Silver MultitoolVictorinox Farmer Silver Multitool
Victorinox Fieldmaster Red MultitoolVictorinox Fieldmaster Red Multitool
Victorinox Fisherman MultitoolVictorinox Fisherman Multitool
Victorinox Helmsman Multitool KnifeVictorinox Helmsman Multitool Knife
Victorinox Hercules Red MultitoolVictorinox Hercules Red Multitool
Victorinox Hunter Multitool KnifeVictorinox Hunter Multitool Knife
Victorinox Mechanic Red Swiss Army MultitoolVictorinox Mechanic Red Swiss Army Multitool
Victorinox Mountaineer Red MultitoolVictorinox Mountaineer Red Multitool
Victorinox One Hand Trekker Camo MultitoolVictorinox One Hand Trekker Camo Multitool
Victorinox One Hand Trekker Green Swiss Army KnifeVictorinox One Hand Trekker Green Swiss Army Knife
Victorinox One-Hand Forester Red and Black MultitoolVictorinox One-Hand Forester Red and Black Multitool
Victorinox Serrated Spartan Red MultitoolVictorinox Serrated Spartan Red Multitool
Victorinox Skipper Swiss Multitool KnifeVictorinox Skipper Swiss Multitool Knife
Victorinox Tourist Red MultitoolVictorinox Tourist Red Multitool
Victorinox VN33247 Nylon Belt SheathVictorinox VN33247 Nylon Belt Sheath
Victorinox VN33255 Expandable Leather Belt Clip SheathVictorinox VN33255 Expandable Leather Belt Clip Sheath

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