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SOG Multi-tool Features

SOG is another popular brand of multi-tool. While most of the SOG models contain the same standard offerings of the Leatherman and Gerber brands, they also have some very unique differences. SOG offers a three-sided file on their tools instead of the flat combination wood/metal file. Another unique feature is the variable angle head on their needlenose pliers. This allows the user to rotate the head anywhere from 0 to 90 degrees, improving access into tight spaces. SOG multi-tools also utilize gears to provide greater squeezing power. Known as compound leverage, models containing this feature have double the gripping and cutting power of standard models. Using normal exertion force, even steel wire cuts easily. The PowerLock models feature tools that lock into position providing more stability. The lock device must be depressed before the tool can be folded back into the case. The EOD PowerLock version even includes a combination C4 punch/awl. If you need extra force in tight spaces SOG tools should definitely be a consideration!

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