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Cold Steel Tomahawks Cold Steel Tomahawks

Cold Steel tomahawks make great additions to your camping or outdoor equipment. They are perfect for trimming limbs, clearing brush, and cutting tent pegs.  Many models also provide an inexpensive opportunity to learn the art of tomahawk throwing.  The long hickory handles provide better balance, control, and improved accuracy, while the curved blade edges enhance sticking ability.  The hawk heads require fine tuning for optimum performance as they are made from cast steel and are not finish sharpened.  Loosen the set screw, gently remove the head and sand or file the rough inside edges of the haft channel until they are smooth.  Throwing will cause those rough edges to cut into the wooden handle and weaken it if not removed.  Do Not solidly affix the handle to the head, as shock and vibration will cause handle breakage.  Lightly tighten the set screw to allow some handle movement and to avoid splitting the wood.  The Trench Hawk offers a fiberglass reinforced handle in place of the traditional hickory handle, while the Cold Steel Vietnam tomahawk is not designed as a throwing tomahawk.  

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