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Case Knives Case Knives
                        The History of Case Knives 

Case knives have been domestically produced since 1905 in Bradford, Pennsylvania. During World War I the company made knives for the U.S. military. In 1949 Case founded the Cutco brand of cutlery as a joint venture with Alcoa Aluminum. Case knives contain blades stamped from either chromium-vanadium steel alloy or stainless steel and heat treated for hardness. The knife scales are produced from a variety of materials, everything from synthetics like G10 to natural items like ivory, mother of pearl, cattle bone, and exotic hardwoods. Case knives bolsters are fashioned from nickel silver for beauty and durability.
Case CA09788 Copperhead Bermuda GreenCase CA09788 Copperhead Bermuda Green
Case CA10726 Fishing Knife Amber BoneCase CA10726 Fishing Knife Amber Bone
Case CA144 Equestrian KnifeCase CA144 Equestrian Knife
Case CA217 Medium StockmanCase CA217 Medium Stockman
Case CA2802 Peanut Blue BoneCase CA2802 Peanut Blue Bone
Case CA31622 Stockman Purple BoneCase CA31622 Stockman Purple Bone
Case CA52832 Antique Bone TrapperCase CA52832 Antique Bone Trapper
Case CA58415 Canoe Crandall GrayCase CA58415 Canoe Crandall Gray
Case CA58417 Saddlehorn Crandall GrayCase CA58417 Saddlehorn Crandall Gray
Case CA65313 Sowbelly 6.5 BonestagCase CA65313 Sowbelly 6.5 Bonestag

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