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Buck Folding Blade Knives Buck Folding Blade Knives
Buck folding blade knives differ from the fixed-blade knives Buck is famous for. Some are manufactured to Buck's exacting specifications outside of the United States, but all are covered by Buck's limited Lifetime Warranty. The stainless steel used in Buck's pocket knives is 420J2, which is well suited for everyday carry knives. The blades are easily sharpened and are not as brittle as hardened steel blades, which break more easily, especially in the smaller blade sizes. General-purpose 420J2 stainless blades are also corrosion resistant and provide a good blend of hardness and wear resistance. The larger sheath-carry knives utilize 420HC high carbon stainless steel blades for longer edge retention and corrosion resistance.

Buck 285 Bantam Black Folding KnifeBuck 285 Bantam Black Folding Knife
Buck 3 Inch Folding Omni HunterBuck 3 Inch Folding Omni Hunter
Buck 301BKS Stockman Black Folding KnifeBuck 301BKS Stockman Black Folding Knife
Buck 303BKS Cadet 3-Blade KnifeBuck 303BKS Cadet 3-Blade Knife
Buck 371 Stockman G10 Folding KnifeBuck 371 Stockman G10 Folding Knife
Buck 373BRS Trio KnifeBuck 373BRS Trio Knife
Buck 375BRS Deuce 2-Blade KnifeBuck 375BRS Deuce 2-Blade Knife
Buck 382BRS Trapper KnifeBuck 382BRS Trapper Knife
Buck 389BRS Canoe 2-Blade KnifeBuck 389BRS Canoe 2-Blade Knife
Buck 395CMS Folding Camo Onmi HunterBuck 395CMS Folding Camo Onmi Hunter
Buck 4 Inch Folding Omni HunterBuck 4 Inch Folding Omni Hunter
Buck 877 Maverick Folding KnifeBuck 877 Maverick Folding Knife
Buck BU309 Companion Folding KnifeBuck BU309 Companion Folding Knife
Buck Ranger Finger-Grooved Folding KnifeBuck Ranger Finger-Grooved Folding Knife
Buck Ranger Smooth Grip Folding KnifeBuck Ranger Smooth Grip Folding Knife

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